Family owned and operated in your area for over 28 years | Contractors Lic 636413

 ​Why Easyflow?
        My name is Charlie Schafer. I started Easyflow 28 years ago with the following philosophy: serve the community with integrity, offer the best services, products, pricing to our customers, and always treating you like family.

How many customers?
        I’m proud and humbled to say there are over 250,000 members to the Easyflow family, installing a million feet of rain-gutters, growing new customers to our family everyday.

        Please allow me to introduce my family… Suzette Schafer, my wife, partner and gift of 27 years, and co-founder of Easyflow, our three sons, Patrick and Blake, twins, 23, and our youngest Matthew, 20 (Gift from God), and the newest member to the Schafer family, Alice, our son Patrick’s incredible new bride who I consider to be my daughter; and last but certainly not least, my brother-in-law Michael. All have roles within the Easyflow family which our employees have truly helped grow to what it has become 28 years later.

        Our contractor’s license speaks for itself starting with a 6, meaning it was issued 25+ years ago. My California State Contractors License # is 636413. Don’t be fooled by other companies claiming to be in business for 20+ years when their number starts with a 9, which would have only been issued 2 to 3 years ago.
        Our ties and commitment hold true and stronger than ever to the community and we are still holding firm to my original philosophy.
        I only ask that you allow Easyflow the opportunity to help protect your familes’ single most important asset…. Your Home!

        Also, by choosing Easyflow to protect your home, we will donate 10% of our settlement to our family in Africa through the foundation Suzette and I founded, Acres4life     , that creates farms and wells for orphanages, to provide them with a sustainable source of food, water, and teaching them a skill that will last a lifetime, and others to come.

Charlie Schafer
Co-Founder | President